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10 Ways (Reasons) to Keep Your Books in Good Shape

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Books are really good friends. Just the way you nurture a true friendship, taking care of your book – old or new, no matter the class, fiction or non-fiction your respect for your books reflect on the company you keep. A book is not a toy neither a bug smacker, as people do sometimes. Maintaining your collection and caring for your books is not a simple affair. Having a Book hard-bound with a dark leather or cardboard cover robs it of its originality. To prevent such an eventuality, here are 10 things to do:

  1. Once you buy a new book or pick it out of your library, make sure you hold it backwards, from the side you open the book and not from the side you hold while reading. Actually the book’s spine is the most important element that will hold the pages together for a long time. Keeping the spine well protected will not allow the pages to start falling out.

  2. Open your book gently and avoid opening it more than 100 geometrical degrees.

  3. Don’t use a highlighter or any kind or pens for bookmarking. Instead of that, use a simple bookmark. You don’t need to buy a fancy bookmark, an old piece of carton or anything thin clean and solid helps.

  4. Eat or drink after reading your book. Or take a break eat and drink then wash your hands. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat before reading, just remember to wash your hands before even touching your book.

  5. The best way to keep the book better in its shape is in sleeping position on a horizontal surface. Standing position seems more practical and logical to you. In fact by time if your book was in standing position, the glue on your book will be tiered and its papers will come off. Only if your book is squeezed in the library your glue can last for a longer time. Remember sleeping position can keep the book the way it was forever.

  6. It is important to open the book every month or two. Because it’s made of paper, by the time paper in a closed place can have insects that eat paper (the color or the insects are black or turquoise)

  7. If you really want to mark a line in your book. Use a pencil and underline the words very light. If you want to mark a whole paragraph or a line, use parentheses from the beginning of the sentence till the word you want.

  8. Take good care of the binding. Don’t keep your place by putting your book upside down when open; use a bookmark. Similarly, don’t fold the front or back cover of your book back.

  9. Keeping your books in a cover will prevent humidity and dust out. The weather is the silent killer and just like any breathing organism, paper breathes. By covering old books, one protects the spine. Keeping the spine protected will prevent damage to the pages of a book.

  10. Avoid putting the book inside a photocopying machine too much. Ask any Librarian and you will know why.

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Dec 12, 2020

Books in physical form are a thing of the past. Why should we even bother protecting books?

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